Clean Water, Alkaline Ionizers & Filters for Healthy Living — Choosing the Right System for You


There’s no mistaking the importance of water. After all, the human body is made up of over 60% of it. Our cells thrive on this hydration, using water within nearly every major bodily function and process.

Decades ago, we had much fewer contaminates and public treatment programs in place, both of which negatively affect our water quality on a day-to-day basis.

While there have been some big advancements in water purification technology, including alkaline ionizers and filtration systems, most of the public programs only allow for drinkable water, not hydrating, energizing water for healthy living.

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Water is so incredibly important that it’s one of the first sources you should look at for small healthy ailments and ongoing, chronic fatigue. After all, dehydration is the number one, leading cause of headaches for nearly all of the population. When you take care of the basics, the rest of the body can take care of itself, regenerate, and repair itself more easily.

This is why we’ve put together OSO, one of the most comprehensive water for healthy living resources available for free online. We do a lot of our own, independent research on water quality, products, filters, and systems. We’re happy to share what we’ve learned and what has made the biggest difference in our own homes.

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The best water systems and filtration devices are an important, fairly expensive investment, so you want to know what you’re ordering, what you can expect, and how it’s going to be helping you and your family’s health. It’s a vital piece of the healthy living puzzle.

Understanding the Importance of Clean Healthy Water

Our body does so much for us all day long, the least we can do is give it clean, healthy water, to help enhance and regulate the natural processes within our body.

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Water helps naturally moisten tissues, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose. It helps balance our body’s temperature, lubricates joints, and lessens the burden on our kidneys by flushing out toxins and other waste products.

Its also an effective carrier of nutrients and oxygen within the body, which helps repair and hydrate cells, and makes these nutrients accessible to the body. Giving your body a clean, energized, healthy water to work with is one of the biggest keys to overall health and wellness, which is why we’re so passionate about filtration systems, water products, and putting together the most comprehensive reviews possible.

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